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How to overcome paralyzing fear in your business. We know that fear is the number one item holding people back. You don't even need to tell us about it if you don't want.

How to overcome fears of public speaking. For a lot of people the ladder to success stops when a job requires public speaking. We can end this issue once and for all in just an hour.

How to overcome the wrong mindset. Just a simple adjustment and you'll achieve your best results ever.

How to shatter the boundaries that keep you stuck. Sometimes people create their own invisible ceiling that keeps them from moving up in their lives. Let us help you shatter the glass ceiling for good.


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My name is Wesly Feuquay. I am a Lead Trainer and Client Results Coordinator for Accelerated Evolution. It would be my greatest honor to get on the phone or Skype with you to help you determine if the Accelerated Evolution method can transform your life.

If you are ready to change your life forever, I would like to meet with you by phone or Skype.

The consultation is probably the most fascinating experience that you will encounter in thirty minutes or less. It is an enormously interesting experience. Accelerated Evolution has helped thousands of people get enduring solutions to their problems.

First... I will deeply listen to your situation.


Second... I will explore your own problems and solutions. You will learn why you are not able to make these changes on your own. Or why other methodologies did not bring you results.


Third ...we will help you explore the real cause of why your problem remains unsolved.


Fourth ... I will give you a dramatic demonstration of how you can change your life powerfully, with the simple formula.


Fifth....if you are a good candidate for Accelerated Evolution, and only if we can give you an unconditional guarantee of success... only then... will we discuss our amazingly easy six week program.

We have found whether you consider it a "simple" or "impossible" problem in that certain area that is bothering you, we probably can get you a better, faster, safer and more... actual, enduring results.


Sixth... You decide. No pressure. No sales. Just a fascinating, powerful, personal meeting. We give you our word.


We are either right for you or we are not.

You will know it at the consultation that we do together.

We have a high documented success rate for almost everyone that 

follows the simple, easy program we layout for you.

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"Divorce sapped all my energy. Various healers were recommending all kinds of supplements to correct the situation. I couldn't focus on work. My income had plummeted and I couldn't see a way out. After one Accelerated Evolution session my entire life changed. I felt an inner calm and balance that had been missing. I went on to see my income skyrocket well beyond six figures a month."

Dr. Harlan Kilstein, Boca Raton, FL.

My Income Went Beyond 6 Figures A Month

"I was introduced to Accelerated Evolution at a time in my life where personally I was deeply drowning in the effects of life's tragedies and professionally finding myself in a constant state of profound physician burnout. I was in a state where I feared for my emotional wellbeing and my physical health without a clear path out. I love being a doctor and I care deeply for my patients and colleagues but I felt as if I had lost myself, my value and my soul in all of the business of being a doctor. I began working with a Accelerated Evolution Master Coach and immediately started to feel a release of the emotional tension and burnout in what I can only describe as transcendence above these issues. The work we did together brought my soul back in a purified form and brought me back to the highest essence of myself. Given the potential I know exists for Accelerated Evolution and the love and integrity of Satyen Raja and the whole Accelerated Evolution team I fully support the vision to bring these practices to the world for the greater good of all.."

Dr. Amy Freeth, M.D.
Attending Physician in Medicine and Endocrinology, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown, NY

"As a business owner it is great to be able to speak with someone who knows the unique challenges that being an entrepreneur can present. And not only know about them, but how to eliminate them.

Most people in the world want to know the latest greatest tactic to success, the next best "closing" technique, the next shiny object. When the successful people in the world KNOW that success is 80% mindset. Going through your Accelerated Evolution process allowed me to align that mindset with the tactics that I already knew. It has allowed me to be more fully present in my business. And has led to my most significant sales and profit month ever. If you are a business owner I highly recommend you make time to speak with a Accelerated Evolution trainer. You business, your family, and your life will thank you."

Todd E. Gaster
Certified Business Performance Coach
Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The Accelerated Evolution Program Will
Change Your Life - Guaranteed!

Here's what Accelerated Evolution program is NOT:

You don't need to be highly "educated" to succeed. It works with everyone regardless of the level of education.

It doesn't require a lot of time to invest. We know your time is valuable.

It doesn't require "being lucky" nor exceptionally bright. If you can follow your coach's simple suggestions you CAN succeed.

It requires no experience at all. It requires just one simple thing...

You see, we understand people are naturally skeptical and we don't want people to think this is a just another course where you just form a positive mental attitude and the world beats a path to your door.

We believe you're going to need to take simple action steps. If you do that, nothing more, nothing less, the results will astound you.

You have to believe in yourself enough to say, "Maybe".

Here's the bottom line:

Your Accelerated Evolution coach guarantees your success. There's no wiggle-room or fine print.

"On February 4th 2013 my son shot himself in the head in my home, in my chair.

This was the trauma I shared with my Accelerated Evolution coach in a telephone call three weeks later, the day before I was scheduled to leave on a lecture tour to China. I was an emotional wreck but the thought of escaping my home was something of a relief. However, the thought of actually having to function on the tour was beyond my mental or emotional capacity.

My coach ran what he called the "Trauma Release process,"in less than one hour he took me through the awful events of that night and the agony disappeared but even more amazingly helped me connect on both a physical and spiritual level with my son which helped me resolve some of the agony and despair of the trauma. I actually felt like a protective wall had been formed around my heart and I could walk the walk and talk the talk for two weeks knowing that when I got home from China I was going to continue this work. For someone dealing with any trauma, I can only speak my truth from my own experience, it works and it works fast and it sticks, it is not a passing fad. The trauma is addressed head on and resolved as you go. This is the message I now tell my clients as I use these techniques in my practice: the work we will do today is just about to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars but even more importantly than that, you will actually resolve your problems in hours rather than months or years (if ever) and live the lives you were meant to light and joy not heart ache and misery.."

Fran Fisher RN. Ph.D
AASECT Certified Counselor in Private Practice, Sacramento California

and you're on your way.

It's tapping into an unknown mountain of gold in your own backyard.

People will be amazed and ask for your secret. And it's okay to share because we believe
money is like manure - it's of no value unless you spread it around.
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