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Can You Free Yourself From Your Past?  

Can You Supercharge Yourself For the Future?

The answer is yes. Join us in person or online, where you can experience for yourself the power that Accelerated Evolution puts in your hands.

September 14, 2016

7PM - 10PM PST

NEXT EVENT: Langley, BC, Canada

The Accelerated Evolution Experience

At Accelerated Evolution Academy, our mission is to provide the fastest, most effective method to create meaningful, lasting change in people's personal & professional lives.

Real freedom, real forgiveness, real re-claiming of your greatness doesn’t have to take years of “work” or therapy or coaching. Accelerated Evolution lets you do it yourself - and fast. 

 And in a way that sticks.

Sign up now to see for yourself how people are using Accelerated Evolution techniques to leap forward in their careers, their passions and their relationships. 

Upcoming Event

September 14, 2016

7PM - 10PM PST

Satyen is one of the world’s leading human potential facilitators. After 35 years of full time immersion in researching and practising over 20 healing and life forwarding modalities, he has condensed the top cutting edge methods of coaching, healing, and human potential into the Accelerated Evolution methods.

Host: Satyen Raja

Upcoming Event

Sept. 14, 2016

7PM - 10PM PST

See Satyen in The Abundance Code™ documentary being released June 21, 2016, alongside others such as John Assaraf, Jeff Walker and Reid Tracy.

At This Highly Experiential Event You'll Get to...

Quickly Release Emotional Charge

Discover Your Greatness

Free Yourself From the Pull of Dualities

Like most high achievers, you can see a greater vision before you, but you have not had the opportunity to make it “real”.  With Accelerated Evolution, you will discover how your greatness is closer than you think - and you will clear the path to get there.

Like everyone, you have emotional charges around the past, around beliefs, around wounds and around self-doubts. With Accelerated Evolution, those can be quickly and effectively released and replaced.

Like everybody, you are hindered by the pull of dualities such as right/wrong and good/bad - and that is blocking your heart and holding you back . 

With Accelerated Evolution, you will from operate from a place of peace and oneness within, allowing you to grow your life, your business and your relationships from a place of freedom and joy.

Dr. Gabor Maté, MD

"I've recently received coaching from Satyen Raja in the context of the Accelerated Evolution process. My experience was that the method, as Satyen practices it, goes deftly and efficiently to some core issues and leads to integration that often would take much longer to achieve. Satyen is a dedicated healer who works from the heart and from deep insight into the human soul."

Physician, seminar leader, acclaimed public speaker, and bestselling author.

Dr. Devon Christie, MD

"Accelerated Evolution Coach Training is THE MOST POWERFUL vehicle for individual and collective elevation of consciousness and healing into our full potential I have ever come across. This system has the potential to impact the lives of thousands, and quite possibly the whole planet, rapidly. And we NEED it!"

Physician, CCFP ABIHM

After coaching thousands of clients and students from over 5 countries in the past 6 years, we are proud to be at the forefront of a new breed of high-performers, entrepreneurs, doctors, therapists, coaches & health professionals who are changing the planet with fierceness, gentleness, integration and wholeheartedness.

Upcoming Seminar & Livestream:

September 14, 2016

7 PM - 10PM PST