How To Become Struggle-free, Attain Emotional Freedom & Access Your Inner Spiritual Wisdom

These guided methods cause profound insights, emotional shifts, and lasting change for both simple and complex problems. It's also the fastest way to attain the highest states of consciousness and freedom.


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Real freedom, real forgiveness, real re-claiming of your greatness doesn’t have to take years of “work” or therapy or coaching. Accelerated Evolution lets you do it yourself - and fast. 

 And in a way that lasts.

At Accelerated Evolution Academy, our mission is to provide the fastest, most effective methods to create meaningful, lasting change in people's personal & professional lives.

During this webinar with Satyen Raja

you will get to:

Quickly Release Emotional Charge

Experience Our Unique Approach For Yourself

Raise Your Consciousness to See Above Problems

Like everyone, you have emotional charges around the past, around beliefs, around wounds and around self-doubts. With Accelerated Evolution, those can be quickly and effectively released and replaced.

You will be guided through one of our powerful Accelerated Evolution Methods during this live webinar. Bring your worst problems, fears or blocks holding you back and watch as your experience of they shift quickly, bringing you back to peace, oneness and clarity.

Like everybody, you are hindered by the pull of dualities such as right/wrong and good/bad - and that is blocking your heart and holding you back. You will discover what it takes to free yourself from this constant pull for good!

With Accelerated Evolution, you will operate from a place of peace and oneness within, allowing you to grow your life, your business and your relationships with freedom and joy.

  • What emotional charge is, why it sticks with us and most importantly, the key to dissolving it!
  • The 5 big myths of healing and personal change…you’ll see why they are just that: myths and what it takes to make rapid, lasting transformation
  • Why it doesn’t take special intuition or psychic powers to make solid, lasting shifts in consciousness and raise ourselves to a place of deep spiritual fulfillment
  • More than a quick, feel good fix, this promises to take you to the depths of Spiritual Realization that previously have only been attained after years of rigorous practice.
  • Experience spiritual states of consciousness spoken of in scriptures and spiritual books
  • What the AE Methods are and why they create sustainable and consistent transformation, you'll see why this is the pinnacle of cognitive advancements & human potential.

Specifically, At this online event, some of the things you are going to learn include…

"I believe this work is the missing piece to the medicine we practise and healing that we offer. It is what our patients are looking for and what we as physicians are longing for..."

Amy Freeth, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

Satyen Raja

Satyen is one of the world’s leading human potential facilitators. After 35 years of full time immersion in researching and practising over 20 healing and life forwarding modalities, Satyen Raja has discovered, and is one of the world’s main proponents, of a radically new methodology that goes to the heart and soul of one’s problems and deals with integrating the disharmony totally, so that all that is left is peace and a keen sense of clear direction and tranquility.

Founder of Accelerated Evolution Academy & Your Webinar Host

"This is a genuine breakthrough ... simple, quick, powerful, blissful. I really have no frame of reference for the power of the experience and how good it feels now."

Dike Drummond, MD

Physician, Coach and Healthcare Speaker, Author

Here's what students were saying on our last webinar:

"I can feel my judgement leave. I had a fear of being seen that I’m better than another. I have more feeling of not only oneness with others, but oneness with myself."

Sue B.

"There is no 'good' or 'bad', it's ALL good. There is only Love. We are Love...I feel inner peace, clarity, and ease."


"Thanks so much for including me in tonight's event. I'm grateful for the freedom I feel from doing this process. My love and warmest hugs to you all. xo"

Nancy G.

"...this allows me to be my true self for others and in turn, they reflect their true selfs to me."

Jag D.

"I’m more conscious that patience allows for anticipation. and its good for me because I gotta live out what I’m teaching."

Krista T.

"I’m no longer running from my polarity. Instead, I can merge them and move forward :)"

Victoria H.

People from all walks of life love the Accelerated Evolution Methods...

Dr. Devon Christie, MD

Physician, CCFP ABIHM

"I've recently received coaching from Satyen Raja in the context of the Accelerated Evolution process. My experience was that the method, as Satyen practices it, goes deftly and efficiently to some core issues and leads to integration that often would take much longer to achieve. Satyen is a dedicated healer who works from the heart and from deep insight into the human soul."

Dr. Gabor Maté, MD

Physician, seminar leader, acclaimed public speaker, and bestselling author.

"Accelerated Evolution Coach Training is THE MOST POWERFUL vehicle for individual and collective elevation of consciousness and healing into our full potential I have ever come across. This system has the potential to impact the lives of thousands, and quite possibly the whole planet, rapidly. And we NEED it!"

“I just had the most remarkable experience of my life…I am free. I am rockin' it now. I can’t say enough about what I just did. This has been an answer to my prayers."

Gerry Foster

Business Owner & Participant of Accelerated Evolution Training

““…I cleared more problems, challenges, issues & set goals than I have in over 25 years of personal development, coaching, therapy, body work…This took it to whole new level unlike I've ever seen."

Nick Matheson

Personal Coach, Owner at One to One Wellness Centre & OneUp Fitness

The Accelerated Evolution Methodology is easy to learn and creates powerful shifts in consciousness and provide resolution to issues like anxiety, past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs. 

There are no prerequisites or previous for you to learn this. In fact, we've had children as young as 13 attend our trainings and report fantastic results!

Sign up now and see what you've been missing.

After 8 years of coaching thousands of clients and students from over 5 countries, we are proud to be at the forefront of a new breed of doctors, health professionals & therapists who are changing the planet with fierceness, gentleness, integration and wholeheartedness.

What's more? It's not just for professionals.

Even if you've never done anything like this before, Accelerated Evolution will give you the power to free yourself from negative patterns, fears like public speaking, hurt from past relationships, traumatic events and anything that's holding you back. 

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