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Thousands of recipients, from all backgrounds and lifestyles, have completely resolved limiting fears, difficult past experiences, lingering stress, addictions, and so many other things that keep people just like YOU from living a peak existence. Accelerated Evolution Methods are simple, direct, and rapid, yet the results are profound. Using these methods are critical to optimizing your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

By receiving coaching by a Certified AE Coach, you’re accessing essential practices that you’ll use for the rest of your life to quickly, efficiently, and permanently resolve problems.

If you’re constantly being bombarded with blocks such as anxiety, self-doubt, or negative self-talk, by using Accelerated Evolution Methods, you’ll become completely aligned with a new identity — one that serves you and UNLOCKS YOUR PEAK EXISTENCE.

What People Are Saying

With outdated techniques that fail to produce results and so many modalities you could learn, how will you know what will actually accelerate your personal evolution? Here is what others just like you have to say…

  • That 1 hour of Skype with you gave me the ease, the motivation, and sense of purpose beyond anything I have ever done.

    Satyen, quick email here to say thank you for the work you do and what an incredible breakthrough you have gotten me. But I have to admit, I'm a bit pissed off.

    Here's why... For almost 20 years, I have dropped 100's of thousands of dollars on self-improvement and finding ways to improve my mental blockages, starting with Life Spring, motivational seminars, Tony Robbins, Scientology, energy practitioners, and life coaches.

    Great stuff for sure, but there is a major flaw as none of it touches the absolutely critical details I learned in one call with you. That 1 hour of Skype with you gave me the ease, the motivation, and sense of purpose beyond anything I have ever done.

    It is so difficult to put into words - that one, out-of-this-world experience has forever changed every aspect of my life. Whether it's finance, faith, family, or fitness.

    Who says you can't have it all? You are truly an inspiration, a leader, lover, and life changer.

    For anyone out there lucky enough to have met you... Please give yourself the gift of Satyen. I'm willing to bet on every dollar that you will be amazed, inspired, uplifted to a whole new level you have never ever dreamed of.

    Namaste & thanks for reading.

    Mark Houng

    International Trade Expert, Business owner, serial entrepreneur, now life lover
  • Accelerated Evolution is profound work, worthy of embracing personally and sharing with all whose lives we touch.

    As a plastic surgeon and business coach to entrepreneurs, I've done a lot of in-depth personal growth work over the past three decades. But when I scheduled an Accelerated Evolution Session with Satyen, I didn't have a particular agenda or problem I wanted to fix. Nor did I really know what to expect. I was simply open to exploration.

    Satyen is a sensitive, compassionate master of his craft, so I felt comfortable going deep with his line of questioning. With his reassuring manner, I felt the safety, encouragement, and support to delve into feelings and sensory experiences at a depth I've never experienced before.

    In just 90 minutes, I was able to release unconscious emotional shackles of guilt, grief, and shame that have colored my decisions and actions to this point. I recognized and was able to articulate why I do the work I do today—and why I'm willing to take the risks I take: because of my profound love for humanity.

    In the end, I felt a sense of freedom and the absence of boundaries between me and the rest of the world. One of the key reasons I retired from my plastic surgery practice at the age of 40 is that I recognized that I wasn't making a lasting impact on patients' lives, although my scalpel traveled deep into their bodies. Because of that heartbreaking realization, I wholeheartedly support Satyen's vision of empowering fellow surgeons to help their patients lead richer, more fulfilling lives by sharing this work with them.

    In my current role as a guide for entrepreneurs with big hearts, big visions, and a ton of guts, it's clear to me that participating in this work expands one's experience of freedom, and that's a key element to making an enormous difference for everyone around us. Accelerated Evolution is profound work, worthy of embracing personally and sharing with all whose lives we touch.

    Dr. George C. Huang MD

    Plastic Surgeon; Rapid Revenue Acceleration Strategist; Owner / Freedompreneur Coaching & Consulting
  • Divorce sapped all my energy. Various healers were recommending all kinds of supplements to correct the situation. I couldn't focus on work. My income had plummeted and I couldn't see a way out. After one Accelerated Evolution session my entire life changed. I felt an inner calm and balance that had been missing. I went on to see my income skyrocket well beyond six figures a month.

    Dr. Harlan Kilstein

    Copywriter, Author, Entrepreneur, and Lifestyle Coach
  • I cannot even begin to express the full extent of the transformation I have felt...

    Thank you so MUCH for doing an Accelerated Evolution process with me. It made ALL the difference for me. Before, I couldn't even think about Stasi without tearing up, and when I tried to talk about her or look at pictures of her, I would burst into wracking sobs. I felt sick and full of disbelief and had a terrible headache from all the crying I had been doing. I cannot even begin to express the full extent of the transformation I have felt after working with you. What was it? 20 minutes? Half an hour? And everything was completely different. Night and day different.

    About an hour after I worked with you, I was driving in this area that is incredibly beautiful. The road was narrow and winding, so I was driving carefully, but I could feel Stasi very clearly, and what I could feel from her was her joy at the sense of freedom she now has, and it actually made me feel happy. Suddenly, without changing my speed at all, I had the sensation of sailing, almost flying, along the road through the redwoods, and this incredible feeling of elation filled me, and I could feel Stasi showing me what it is like for her. I could feel her excitement that she could be with me when I was open to her and still be with anyone else that was open to her in the same moment, and I heard her say, 'Isn't that so cool?!' That isn't to say I don't still feel sadness that she isn't here physically anymore.

    But now they are mostly just moments, and I can go back to feeling the joy she is feeling anytime I choose, to remembering the vibrant, beautiful woman that she was, and recognizing from this experience, that she still is. Thank you so much, Satyen. I'm really hoping more of my family will use this technique because the results are profound. What I want for them is not only relief from the pain of losing Stasi, but the peace of being able to feel her presence and her joy. I truly believe Stasi would want that for them as well, and anyone else who knew and loved her.

    Christine Hegvold

    Massage Therapist
  • Robin Thompson

  • We ended up having the most powerful, honest, compassionate conversation we could of hope for.

    I had recently experienced a traumatic and shocking event where my fiancé whom I had been with for 3 years and lived with, suddenly broke up with me, called off the wedding and disappeared basically with no contact for about 2 weeks. I was left to deal with canceling all the wedding stuff that we had arranged plus telling everyone as we had already sent out the invitations. I also didn't know about my living situation and what would happen next. I went to an event where Satyen Raja was explaining Accelerated Evolution and how it is possible to release trauma at a cellular level. I knew that this experience I was going through had the potential to hold me back in so many ways and I decided that I wanted to try it. Satyen took me through a process called Deep Peat where I experienced every emotion, through stages, that were attached to my event: Shock, trauma, hurt, embarrassment, sadness, and eventually I began to feel peace, then ok, then pure nothingness. I thought that would be it, but he then made me embody my ex and go through what he must be feeling. What an experience! I did it, and again got to that nothingness point. I felt totally clear and at peace. The very next day my fiancé called and he said he was clear and ready to talk. We ended up having the most powerful, honest, compassionate conversation we could have hoped for. We told our Truths but with no emotional attachment and blame. We both could see the bigger picture and wanted the best for each other. I truly believe Accelerated Evolution is what allowed for this miracle to take place and not have me being held back from moving forward powerfully. I'm excited to also be learning the Accelerated Evolution processes from Satyen Raja to be able to assist others like me. I feel blessed and grateful for this experience.

    Tracey Robinson

    Law of Attraction Teacher and Energy Coach

How It Works

  • Step 1: Identify

    Find the specific problem or goal you want to work on. For example, “I just lost my job.”

  • Step 2: Isolate

    Isolate the subjective aspect of the problem you want resolved. For example, “I feel afraid about financial security.”

  • Step 3: Apply

    Receive, choose, and apply the appropriate Accelerated Evolution Method(s).

  • Step 4: Stabilize

    Stabilize yourself into a new awareness about your situation, having resolved the source of your problem.

  • Step 5: Implement

    Implement your new outlook into precise action steps so you evolve quickly and authentically!

Accelerated Evolution is a true synthesis of science, psychology, process-based metaphysics, spirituality, therapy, and perennial wisdom. It combines diverse approaches into a cohesive system that can be customized for each recipient.

Many traditional transformational approaches require a lot of talk about the past to try to heal… which takes time. But Accelerated Evolution Methods guide you or your client through an embodied emotional experience to permanently dissolve subconscious triggers at the origin, within minutes.

Addressing symptoms is exhausting, versus dissolving things somatically and permanently at the source is powerful and life-giving!

Accelerated Evolution: The Most Efficient, Effective, and Essential Coaching Available on the Entire Planet

We know you don’t have time to dredge up the past by diving into the stories of your personal issues; by learning Accelerated Evolution Methods for your personal growth, you will access the root of your problem and eliminate it. As you know, no amount of therapy, lifestyle changes, personal trainers, or nutritionists will solve a problem that isn’t addressed at its source.

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