The AE360 Professional Certification Training

Instantly Dissolve Deep – Even Lifelong – Blocks that Keep Your Clients from Enjoying Their Full Potential

Accelerated Evolution is deceptively simple; but it is the unadorned and “pierce to the core” nature that has made it popular with physicians, executives, and high-level coaches around the world.

This means learning to use the most essential technologies to create blissful and functional relationships, abundant wealth, deep peace, and holistic wellness.

By learning Accelerated Evolution Methods, you will be able to help any client isolate the internal “knot” that’s keeping them stuck and, through your masterful guidance, have them slowly, gently untangle it.

Utilizing these easy-to-facilitate techniques in conjunction with your own specialty, you will succeed in helping your clients at rates and depths you’ve never known were possible…until now!

Who Is Best Suited To Utilize
Accelerated Evolution Certification?

We’re primarily looking to certify those with a specific approach, training, curriculum, or blend of methodologies currently utilized.

Becoming a certified AE Coach will support you to refine your process while adding new strategies that enact massive change in your life and the lives of those you serve.

It is suited to support seasoned:

Helping Professionals
Transformation Leaders
Success/Peak Performance Trainers
Holistic Practitioners
Functional Medicine Professionals

Becoming certified, you will be able to swiftly address things like…

  • Irrational Fears & Phobias
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Suppressed Intense Experiences
  • Stress Disorders
  • Public Speaking

And accelerate evolution in challenges like…

  • Business Negotiations
  • Sports Performance
  • Goal Attainment
  • Financial Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Leadership

What People Are Saying

With outdated techniques that fail to produce results and so many modalities you could learn, how will you know what will actually accelerate your personal evolution? Here is what others just like you have to say…

  • Jeremy Richardson

    Transformational Coach / Awakened Founders
  • The simple procedures The Accelerated Evolution Coach led me through (via Skype) produced instantaneous results.

    Having recently experienced a Accelerated Evolution process, I am delighted to endorse this work. The simple procedures The Accelerated Evolution Coach led me through (via Skype) produced instantaneous results, fusing body, mind, and emotions into a unified blend of the opposite states (positive and negative) which normally characterize the human experience. The result of this was the powerful sense within myself of a third force beyond the play of opposites, that happy state of trans-positive and negative equilibrium which we all must seek to establish and remain in amidst the chaos of modern living. I would encourage anyone who wishes to feel centered in a world of change (both internal and external) to explore these potentially life transforming technologies.

    John Maxwell Taylor

    Author / The Power of I Am
  • I'm well trained and well versed in how to navigate through upsets and frustrations. But instead of it taking a day or two days, if it can take 15 minutes or half an hour, that's pretty cool.

    Eric Kaufmann

    Executive Coach, Founder & President of Sagatica
  • Within one month of completing the course, I earned $4000 in new coaching income.

    I highly recommend Accelerated Evolution Training. Within one month of completing the course, I earned $4000 in new coaching income. I have been involved in the wellness field for 12 years, and I have never seen faster, more profound results than with the addition of this system to my programs. Satyen and his team will give you the tools to help your clients in ways that go beyond what you can imagine. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

    Wendy Knight Agard

    Accelerated Evolution Coach – Executive Coach -
  • Deidre Sirianni

    Life & Business Strategist
  • Accelerated Evolution helped me move beyond the struggle and stress of how to grow my business, to a clarity and excitement regarding the unique value I bring to my customers.

    Not until experiencing Accelerated Evolution did I finally understand the true meaning of peace of mind. Accelerated Evolution helped me move beyond the struggle and stress of how to grow my business, to a clarity and excitement regarding the unique value I bring to my customers. Since experiencing Accelerated Evolution, I have not only increased my business with current customers, but I have realized over 20% increase from new customers in just 6 short months. Now I have learned to spend my time creating and growing my business rather than in worry and anxiety. The power of a mind at peace is unstoppable. I have much love and gratitude.

    Cynthia Davis

    Accelerated Evolution Master Coach, CEO / The Imaj Group
  • These processes are so effective. I love adding these to my toolkit.

    Sam Morris

    Creator, Zen Warrior Training®, Servant Leader to Human Evolution, Transcendent Performance Mentor

The Planet Needs
Accelerated Evolution

Humanity has all the resources, intelligence, and technology necessary to make positive contributions to our planet, but what we need are leaders like you who can mobilize themselves and each other. What we need is for YOU to be equipped to shift individuals, and ultimately humanity, into a greater sense of wholeness, rapidly and deeply. 

You will gain the capacity to go right into the core of where your clients problems and most stuck areas are, and transform them permanently. Through Accelerated Evolution Methods, people experience unity consciousness instead of their problem. What used to be their biggest obstacle is now a source of their deepest freedom and potential for highest decision making and emotional buoyancy…and YOU can and will guide them to this.

In this day and age, leadership requires a rapid and deep shift, first learning how to enlighten ourselves. When we bring unity to ourselves, we directly uplevel our teams, our families, and society. And then, we mobilize and galvanize each other to accelerate consciousness globally. But with so many models and methods out there from ancient and modern Accelerated Evolution is your ultimate resource to make a rapid, direct, and lasting impact for the greater good.

Here’s Why This Is Important To You

1. Raise Consciousness Above Problems

You’ll help yourself and/or your clients raise your/their consciousness to see above any problem. Each AE Method you learn in this training will allow you to see situations and circumstances from your most centered, calm, and truest self.

2. Experience Freedom

Dissolve longstanding negative emotional patterns at their root — and experience freedom perhaps for the first time in your life.

3. Enhance Your Methods of Healing

Gain the simple tools to evaluate and augment all other methods of healing, personal growth, and coaching — so that they actually work. This will allow you to enhance methods of healing you already utilize with those you serve.

4. Achieve Massive Breakthroughs with Your Clients

Learn how to artfully conquer the past and integrate new beliefs quickly and permanently. Learn why giving advice doesn’t work…and how to have your client see progress in the very first session.

5. Powerfully Grow Your Practice

Deliver predictable results for clients, quickly and safely. When you can achieve massive breakthroughs for your clients, referrals pour in and your business thrives.

What Do You Get From Certification?

1. Accelerated Evolution 8 Week Online Training

Learn and master these powerful Accelerated Evolution Methods over 8 weeks through these high quality video presentations. Each week’s module is filled with rich teaching & training from Satyen Raja himself. Watch exact demonstrations, up close, of each method and learn how you too can make rapid transformations as Satyen does for his clients.

  • Over 6 hours of detailed training video to give you clear, exact instruction for mastery of the 4 top most effective AE Methods
  • Engaging and exciting way of learning
  • Learn & Master methods for integrating polarities and character traits
  • Learn & Master a powerful method to release trauma
  • Access from desktop, mobile or tablet devices to train anywhere*

*Internet connection required.

2. Tickets to LIVE 5 DAY EVENT: The Essential Breakthrough Experience

We call it the Essential Breakthrough Experience. This 5 day training is highly experiential & immersive to give you the fastest route to master these methods. You will experience the methods and practise with our top certified master coaches trained in AE to give you an unparalleled experience of the methods. Get hands on experience practising the methods, receiving refinements and opportunities to ask questions.

  • Small class size to give you maximum attention
  • Get Personal review and refinements
  • Practise & learn with our top certified AE Professionals

3. Extensive Training Guide

You will receive extremely well documented protocols for each and every process, that provide a strong basis for you to grow your skills with these methods. You will be able to confidently deliver powerful transformation sessions for yourself & clients by practising and training with this solid base. We also have worksheets with visual aids for some of the more complex processes.

  • Extremely Well documented Process Protocol Scripts for rapid method mastery
  • Beautiful clear worksheets that provide a framework for you to run self processing with ease
  • Refer to the compendium guide for quick answers about methods as you learn

4. Access to Private AE Community for Mentoring & Support

As soon as you’re accepted into the AE360 you will be added to our private Facebook community. This group of professionals is using AE day to day, and are there to help you master these methods and cheer you on as you make great leaps in your personal life, and those you serve. Many of our alumni have said this community has been one of the most cherished avenues for utilizing these methods for ultimate success.

  • Ask questions and get answers from our Trainers and Master Coaches
  • Connect with Certified & Experienced AE alumni to practise the methods with & get refinements
  • Our community is said to be one of the most rewarding aspects of this work and we can’t wait for you to join us

5. Access to Massive Library of Demonstrations & Lectures

Over 100 hours of video training with Satyen Raja, our Top Trainers and Guest speakers. These videos dive deep in the Accelerated Evolution Methods with hours upon hours of demonstrations, exact how-to applications and lectures on all aspects of using these methods with your clients and in you personal life.

  • 100+ Hours of Video Demonstrations that will allow you master the processes quickly
  • Insightful Lectures from Satyen Raja and other top professionals
  • Anywhere access to an ever growing library of teachings

Only Included In Certification

Only Included in Certification

6. Your Own Master Mentor

At the very start, you’ll be formally introduced to your Master Mentor, the support community, as well as all logistics and essential program resources.
Throughout your entire journey, you’ll be given access to your very own ‘Master AE360 Mentor.’ This highly trained individual will be there for guidance, troubleshooting, advice and support.

  • Your own Master Mentor for personalized guidance & support
  • Guide your through your entire journey to Certification
  • One on One meetings to help you fast track your personal and professional progress
Only Included in Certification

7. Use Accelerated Evolution In Your Business

Take your coaching to a new level and use the powerful techniques of Accelerated Evolution with your clients. As a certified AE coach, you will have access to our advanced methods that are guaranteed to provide swift resolution to any client problems, whether they be anxiety, fears, phobias or limiting beliefs. With our science-backed processes and tools, you will be able to help your clients find the solutions they need and create lasting transformative change.

  • Ability to use Accelerated Evolution with your clients
Only Included in Certification

8. Get Featured in our Certified Coach Directory

Become a certified Accelerated Evolution coach and get featured in our exclusive Coach Directory. Our directory is home to talented coaches from all over the world, from experienced professionals to emerging stars who have been certified by us.

  • Be Featured Alongside our top trainers, master coaches and certified coaches
  • Get a personalized link you add to your website to prove you are officially certified by us
Only Included in Certification

9. Accelerated Evolution Official Accreditation

Accelerated Evolution Accreditation to use on your website, email signature.

  • Be Featured Alongside our top trainers, master coaches and certified coaches
  • Get a personalized link you add to your website to prove you are officially certified by us
Only Included in Certification

10. ICF Continuing Education Credits

Accelerated Evolution Training is proudly approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a professional coach, you have the opportunity to elevate your expertise and fulfill your continuing education requirements by earning credits through our comprehensive program. Join us to advance your skills and meet your professional development goals with an ICF-recognized pathway.

  • ICF Approved Training
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits


Be guided through a powerful process to integrate a character of trait of someone you admire. In this video you’ll learn how Satyen artfully guides a group of people, using one of the processes you’ll learn in this training. With this, you will be able to facilitate powerful group experiences in a short time. It takes more savvy, but with this demonstration and teaching, you’ll have everything you need to do it.

  • See exactly how Satyen uses AE Processes in a group setting
  • Learn how to facilitate your own group

AE360 Professional Certification

  • Includes access to all Accelerated Evolution Certification Level Training material and resources
  • Complete online training with 20+ modules and over 100 hours of additional video training
  • Complete training compendium with process scripts, worksheets, and supporting documents
  • Ongoing support from the Accelerated Evolution certified trainers and mentors
  • Live 5 day trainings
  • Best Practice Sessions
  • Accelerated Evolution Community
Included with Certification
  • Master Mentor to guide and fast track your certification in the Accelerated Evolution Methods
  • Use the Accelerated Evolution Methods with your clients
  • Listing on the Accelerated Evolution site as a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach
  • Opportunity to renew license each year
  • Accelerated Evolution Accreditation to use on your website and email signature

Here’s What Happens After You Enroll

Secure checkout page

Click the Enroll Now button above. After a short application, you will see a secure checkout page where you can enter your billing details.

Login to your account

After you order, you will get an email with your login details and instructions on how to access your program.

Enjoy your new course

Simply log in and start learning. Using the intuitive layout, you’ll be able to find everything you need with just a few clicks.

In the Certification Training you will:

  • Learn and master powerful processes to resolve and release intense experiences in just one session
  • Gain methods to integrate and free yourself from the pull of dualities — so that you and your clients can operate with confidence and ease
  • Each of the 7 AE Methods you’ll learn have many applications, and you’ll learn how and when to use each of them
  • Receive a robust Study Guide with Q&A’s specific to each video presentation to accelerate your mastery
  • Immediately download all AE method PDFs so that you can begin your training right away
  • Get immediate access to the Online Training App — an easy, handy way to keep upgrading your knowledge and skill levels
  • Receive access to monthly Live Trainings with our top AE Mentors
  • Receive access to replays of all Live Monthly Training Modules
  • Professional Certification includes access to our Immersive 5 Day LIVE Training Event

Accelerated Evolution Immersive
5 Day LIVE Virtual Training Event:

The Essential Breakthrough Experience

This 5 day virtual training is highly experiential and immersive, giving you the fastest route to mastering these methods. You will experience the processes and practice with our top certified Master Coaches trained in AE to give you an unparalleled experience. Get hands-on experience of practicing the methods, receiving refinements, and have endless opportunities to ask questions.

  • Small class size to give you maximum attention
  • Online training accessible for anyone, anywhere
  • The fastest route to mastering these methods
  • Included in AE360 Certification Level Training

What Our Certified Coaches Say


  • I completed Foundation Certification back in March, actually, but look! Here’s the official photo to prove it!...

    AE has revolutionized how I coach, teach, speak, do bodywork… how I live, and how much I am Being vs. Doing moment to moment. Total transformation toolkit. 💜🙏🏽🌟

    Feels like light years ago… and so much more expansion every day, moment to moment.

    Anne Moore

    Somatic Sexologist / Sex & Relationship Coaching
  • I am so honored to be certified as a Accelerated Evolution Coach! So much gratitude for all the support I received along the journey. Satyen Raja, Suzanne Rickards Raja, Linda Robinson, Wesly Feuquay, Juan Carlos Baez, Andrew Marshall & of course Carollyne Tomsin.

    Some of you I have know for many years. This warrior sage journey started out to heal me & now has come full circle to giving back in my community. What a gift!

    These processes up level my integrative medical practice & support a vital piece to the healing puzzle.

    Plus after almost 20 years in practice I needed to revitalize me!

    Supporting people to deeply know & live their truth is a gift beyond measure. We set ourselves free as we free others! Win win.

    Dr. Destia Skinner

    Founder at Cypress Natural Medicine
  • I came here thinking I was just going to dial in some skills I had already learned. What actually happened is that I now have a new way of relating and connecting with people as well as how to remove charge from events, problems and challenges that I have had in the past as well as how to deal with every other hold back in my future. This is life changing work and it will catapult you forward. Whether you want to or not. This work has no limits. I am forever grateful!

    Isaac Elge

    Machinist / Field Service Tech / Coach
  • I did it!!! Accelerated Evolution has helped me in so many ways. Here are just a few:

    🥳 Overcoming fear of abandonment

    🥳 Understand my worthiness & stop workaholic tendencies

    🥳 Release resistance around public speaking & being seen

    AND has given confidence in guiding my clients

    My clients have gotten clarity around their deepest desires.

    Understanding what blocks them and stopping repetitive patterns to have a choice to do something different.

    Jessie Fresh

    Sex & Intimacy Coach
  • Hey Accelerate Evolution Family, Celebrate with Me 🙏💙💫

    The certification process was life-changing for me - without exaggeration.

    I removed charges around many intensive experiences I was carrying with me for years 👈

    I busted a pile of limiting beliefs 💥

    I’ve met and exchanged sessions with amazing coaches from all over the world 🙏❤️

    And I integrated character traits I need more of in my life 🥰

    I feel fortunate, inspired and curious how my Accelerated Evolution journey is unveiling… one process at a time 💫 And this certificate is to remind me of all that 🌟

    Maria Dimova

    Founder & CEO at Virtual Dream Team
  • Looks like I’m officially official!

    Truly, this certification and journey has changed me in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. My connection with source and my inner knowing is such that I have become a better coach just from the changes that my soul has undergone because of AE.

    Soul growth, that’s the kind I like.

    My coaching practice has taken off, my confidence skyrocketed and my life, completely changed course.

    It has all been divine.

    My eternal gratitude to you all.

    Summer Bloyer

    Pathologist, Cognitive Retraining Specialist, Clinical Trauma Specialist & Coach
  • Wow!!! What an honor!

    This journey of Accelerated Evolution has been exactly that - evolution accelerated.

    Words cannot describe the countless blessings that have spilled forth into my life from this training, and it is my prayer and pledge to carry this work with integrity, dignity and grace out into the world.

    So grateful for this community, for the incredible teachers, and for the indescribably powerful processes.

    Thank you, from the depths of me.

    Deus Fortier

    Human Potential Coach
  • It’s been a long time waiting for me to post this… but here I am… finally!!!! I got AE certified in July this summer!!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!

    Many thanks to Jim Donihee and Wesly Feuquay for your gentle energy and expert guidance through the testing process… you two rock!

    AE has seriously REVOLUTIONIZED my coaching! I am a holistic sex educator and coach specializing in helping men who are feeling guilty for their desires around sex and intimacy.

    Nicki Snow

    Owner at Red Jasper Enterprises
  • No words can truly describe the freedom I have gained/achieved in my life since committing to this work. I am constantly amazed how it manifests so beautifully in my life and lives of others that I served. The depth of communication with my family and friends is unlike anyway it has been throughout my 54 years as Tim. The inner peace and flow within my life is directly related to my commitment to self-processing of anything that comes up. I am joyfully in service to humanity.

    Tim Steinruck

    Entrepreneur, Music Producer
  • Completing this certification and becoming comfortable with the processes has definitely upgraded my coaching business but, even more important, I gained a deeper confidence within myself, in many areas of my life, not just in my business or for my clients. I am so happy to have been introduced to this work and this community and to now have the ability to be in even greater support of all the people who come into my life and sphere of influence. One thing I adore is using the AE processes with my daughter and allowing her continue her self discover with such depth, presence and space available.

    Holly Lotus

    Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if this program is right for me?

    The program will begin shifting your beliefs about reality from the first module. Likewise, all of the exercises you’ll be doing will change your emotional, mental and energetic state instantly.

    Broader life changes will come over time as you ascend to the state of Limitlessness, but as you can see from the feedback above, students going through this course are experiencing profound shifts in their lives faster than they ever thought possible.

  • How soon will I start seeing results?

    The program will begin shifting your beliefs about reality from the first module. Likewise, all of the exercises you’ll be doing will change your emotional, mental and energetic state instantly.

    Broader life changes will come over time as you ascend to the state of Limitlessness, but as you can see from the feedback above, students going through this course are experiencing profound shifts in their lives faster than they ever thought possible.

  • Do I get to keep the course once I complete it?

    The program will begin shifting your beliefs about reality from the first module. Likewise, all of the exercises you’ll be doing will change your emotional, mental and energetic state instantly.

  • What if I need help praciticing the methods?

    The program will begin shifting your beliefs about reality from the first module. Likewise, all of the exercises you’ll be doing will change your emotional, mental and energetic state instantly.

  • Sounds legit, but how is Accelerated Evolution different from other healing methods like NLP, Hypnosis or EFT?

    Accelerated Evolution stands out among other healing methods like NLP, Hypnosis, or EFT due to its profound and comprehensive approach to personal transformation. While these other methodologies may focus on specific aspects of consciousness and behavior, Accelerated Evolution works on a much deeper level, engaging your innermost consciousness, including the subconscious.

    What sets Accelerated Evolution apart is its foundation in Alchemical Transmutation Wisdom, drawing from ancient wisdom and crafting it into a path of enlightenment and oneness recognition. It takes you on a journey to the soul level, where profound changes occur over time, ultimately leading you to a state of Limitlessness.

    The feedback from students who have experienced this course speaks volumes about the rapid and life-altering shifts they have encountered. The transformative power of Accelerated Evolution is unparalleled, allowing individuals to experience profound changes in their lives faster than they ever thought possible.


Are You Looking to Become
a True Agent for Transformation?

The Master Coach program is for those who are looking to go beyond the initial calling of coaching and become a complete artist of transformation. By joining this true family of the most powerful transformational agents on the planet, you will simultaneously learn from and uplevel all other Master Coaches.

Click here to rise to the calling of becoming an
Accelerated Evolution Master Coach.

So, Who Created Accelerated Evolution and
How Can It Really Impact Me?

Meet Satyen Raja — Founder of Accelerated Evolution

Satyen Raja is a living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality, combining the power of the warrior and the wisdom of the sage. He is a Kung-Fu Master, an Illumination Intensive Master, and called the “CEO of CEOs” by his elite clients.

Mentoring the CEOs, Executive Teams, and world-renown physicians, therapists, and coaches, Satyen has boosted profits instigating his clients to 10x their profits, territories have expanded, team synergy has blossomed, and he’s awakened a new level of power as a direct result of his masterful utilization of these very Accelerated Evolution Methods, and beyond! 

This methodology was built using a culmination of Satyen Raja’s life work of studying, testing, practicing, and learning techniques from the world’s top teachers, scientists, and metaphysical experts. Using this background, and augmenting it by incorporating advancements made over 50 years by Serbian psychologist Zivorad Slavinski, Satyen built upon Slavinski’s teachings and developed the Accelerated Evolution Methods.

Satyen teaches with clarity, power, and provocation. In his presence, you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Satyen is the ultimate example of how this inner-work will translate into your outer world, giving you success, prominence, and financial growth.

Ready to Get Started?

Request a Complimentary Discovery Session
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Connect with our team to find out if Accelerated Evolution is the right fit for you. On the call we’ll help you get clarity on EXACTLY what you want your professional and personal life to look like, and we’ll outline the EXACT STEPS you’ll need to take in order to get there. We will get you clear on the exact thing that’s in the way that’s the UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSE of why you’re stuck and the solution you need to do to have a breakthrough.