Accelerated Evolution Training

Training: AE360 Professional Certification
Total Training Duration: 5 Days Classroom + 8 hours Online
Total Training Hours: 40 hrs (Live Workshop) 8 hrs (Online training)
Certificate: Certificate of Completion
Instructor: Satyen Raja
Total Cost of the Course: $5,000 + GST


The Essential Breakthrough Experience – 5 Day Training

Training Duration: 5 Days
Instructional Hours: 40 hours
Method of Instruction:
Classroom face-to-face training with the instructor and peers, that is interactive and covers the theory and practical application of the methods, with the emphasis on practical application.
Each module is between 1 and 3 hours:
  1. Introduction & Origins of Accelerated Evolution Methodology – We will explore the history and foundation of these advanced methods, the philosophies.
  2. Creating Contact & The Dyad Method – How to set up a dyad, how to create a state of deep contact, pre-framing and facilitating it, as well as a debriefing.
  3. Guided Self Realization Method – Be guided through the Kensho process that will awaken you to your authentic and true self.
  4. How to Facilitate the Intense Experience Integration Method – Learn how the Intense Experience Integration method works in theory, see a live demonstration and practice applying the method with peers.
  5. How to Facilitate the DP4 Method – Learn the principles of the DP4 method and how it works through a live demonstration followed by practical application of the method with peers.
  6. How to Facilitate the Aspectics Method – Learn how the Aspectics method works through a live demonstration followed by practical application of the method with peers.
  7. How to Facilitate a Universal Process – Learn the Universal Process with a live demonstration and followed by practical application of the method with peers.

8 Week Online Training – AE360 Ongoing Support

Training Duration: 8 Weeks
Instructional Hours: 8 hours
Method of Instruction:
Online – consisting of 8 modules plus homework and online mentoring. The modules will provide instruction on the step-by-step process to become proficient in the Accelerated Evolution Methodology.
  1. Introduction & Origins of Accelerated Evolution Methodology – Satyen explains the origins of Acclerated Evolution, and his personal evolution & journey of using this methodology.
  2. The Dyad Method: A Fundamental Communication Tool – Learn the art of the Dyad, a format and communication tool used throughout the AE methodology.
  3. The Aspectics Method: Detailed Demonstration & Instruction – Satyen demonstrates the Aspectics Process and describes the specifics of applying it with a client.
  4. Aspectics Application: How to Run Process & Practice – Instructions for how to correctly practice learning Aspectics and insights of the inner workings of the process.
  5. The Intense Experience Integration Method: Detailed Demonstration & Instruction – Satyen demonstrates applying the Intense Experience Integration method and continues with detailed instructions for correct application.
  6. The DP4 Method: Detailed Demonstration & Instruction – Satyen demonstrates the DP4 Method, descibes its uses, and teaches how to apply this method effectively.
  7. Contact: Otherness, Contact & The Lila Paradigm – Satyen teaches the importance of contact, how we relate to others, and the LILA Paradigm. Learn how to create a safe container for delivering the methods with clients.
  8. Preparation for Professional Delivery of Methods – Learn different problems, goals, and applications for the AE Methods and learn how to incorporate them into your existing practice.
Students will learn the 5 fundamental Accelerated Evolution Methods and practice these with other students taking the online program. We facilitate an online forum for students to connect with instructors and other students to develop our competence and skill set.

Practical Application – Preparation for Certification

Training Duration: 65 hours
Method of Instruction:
Students must complete a set number of practical application sessions to qualify for certification. Once a level of competency is established, students will take preliminary evaluations from senior trainers and earn their certificate by demonstrating competency to the instructor.
  1. Give 5 separate sessions using each Accelerated Evolution Process – Aspectics, Intense Experience Integration, DP4 and Universal (20 total)
  2. Collect a Process Evaluation form from each client – a separate one for each process
  3. Receive 5 sessions using each Accelerated Evolution Process (20 in total)
  4. Do 5 Solo Processes for each of Aspectics, Intense Experience Integration, DP4 and Universal
  5. Facilitate 5 Dyads
  6. Facilitate all 5 processes with our Senior Trainers.
  7.  Facilitate all 5 processes with Satyen Raja for Final Certification.